The commerce of e-fashion

Guillermo Segalerba, Digital Strategies Tech Lead at Pyxis, participated in a webinar organized by Divante and tells us in the latest episode of UR about the technological trends in the retail world.
The commerce of e-fashion

The world of technology is expanding rapidly, and the fashion industry is no exception. E-commerce tools, virtual reality and augmented reality are some of the examples in the attempts to increase sales for brands around the world.

A t2ó Industry report on Digital Trends in the sector in 2022 highlights the challenge of reaching new audiences “conquering a customer who seeks to reproduce the physical experience in new digital environments”.

There are also problems to attack, such as the desire to have a sustainable industry “more respectful and responsible”, which can solve the issue of returns, and change the trend of fast fashion, where the strongest ideas mark that the main players will be marketplaces that facilitate the secondhand market.

The strategies of large firms begin to explore their adaptation to the Metaverse supported by VR/AR, creating collections and digital products aimed at new sales experiences. The impact of new Live Commerce channels is already a key factor that combines entertainment and shopping, fertile ground that some brands are already exploring.

Technology trends in the retail world

One of the conclusions drawn by Guillermo is that, to provide a more personalized customer experience, coordination between sales and marketing teams and the other players in the process must be addressed with greater agility.

How can this be done? It’s a matter of a good diagnosis. “We have to know where we stand, know the trends and prepare capable teams to face the future”.

And he adds that the best way to address the needs of brands in the Metaverse, and to make it a more commercial use, is for each business unit and its edges, “to work with small multidisciplinary groups of developers, QA, designers, sales and marketing, with limited responsibilities but aligned to a general strategy”.

You can learn more about how the fashion and technology worlds come together by listening to our latest podcast.

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