Sustainable ecommerce and the challenge of online returns
In episode number 15 of UR, we talk to Mariana Silvera, head of Pyxis' Environmental Commission, to learn about the impacts of ecommerce and how to mitigate them.[...]
Latin America: fertile ground for the development of Fintechs
Economist Mercedes Comas tells us about the different FinTech cases in Latin America, a favourable place for the installation and development of these cases.[...]
FinTech: the explosion of digital transformation in financial services
The global COVID-19 pandemic increased the demand for digital services and financial services were no strangers to change, which has led to the rise of FinTech.[...]
10 years certifying us with SAP Certified Development Professional
Andrés Benech, Mauricio Calcagno, María Fernanda Cardona, Mauro González, Florencia Sacra and Gonzalo Labandera obtained the SAP Certified Development Professional.[...]
eCommerce in 2022: what to expect next year?
While global uncertainty is significant on several fronts, from the economic and health situation, what trends can we expect for ecommerce in 2022?[...]
The new new and the new old in digital commerce
We talked with Natalia Macri, vice president of the CEDU, to deepen in the different strategies and precautions that organizations must face when entering the world of e-commerce.[...]
Cybersecurity, digital crime and COVID-19
We talked to Jorge Salazar, cybersecurity specialist, about digital crimes in the face of the massive use of digital platforms after the COVID-19 pandemic.[...]
Pyxis Commerce Enabler optimizes development costs, quality and time-to-market.
If you are thinking of implementing SAP Commerce in your company, Pyxis Commerce Enabler is a MUST HAVE, since it optimizes development costs, quality and time-to-market.[...]
50+ Program with focus on SAP Commerce
We are launching a new edition of the 50+ Program.  If you are over 45 years old and would like to reconvert and enter the world of technology, this program can give you important tools.[...]
Enlace Solidario: the chatbot that helps in times of quarantine
New software development initiative with social impact in the context of Covid 19. Pyxis' chatBot connects people seeking help with institutions providing assistance.[...]


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