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Latin America: fertile ground for the development of Fintechs
Economist Mercedes Comas tells us about the different FinTech cases in Latin America, a favourable place for the installation and development of these cases.[...]
The commerce of e-fashion
Guillermo Segalerba, Digital Strategies Tech Lead at Pyxis, participated in a webinar organized by Divante and tells us in the latest episode of UR about the technological trends in the retail world.[...]
Banking today: what is the future of digital finance?
The engineer Diego Vegas, Digital Strategy Manager of Interbank Peru, guides us through the present and future of digital finance and the challenges facing traditional banking.[...]
Composable commerce: the new way to use vendors?
We talked with Leandro Bertolami about composable commerce and how it applies diversified solutions from a single platform.[...]
Pyxis CX and Divante join their forces to accelerate digital innovation  
With a complimentary technology stack and expertise, Pyxis and Divante can deliver end to end, best of breed, SAP commerce platforms.[...]


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