SAP Commerce Version Update & Migration to CCv2

A large CPG LATAM company with operations on 18 countries and a wide range of brands and categories was out in production with their old SAP Commerce installation
SAP Commerce Version Update & Migration to CCv2

About the project:

A large CPG LATAM company with operations on 18 countries and a wide range of brands and categories was out in production with their old SAP Commerce installation and needed stabilization of their stores and datahub integration.

Initially, we provided an assessment from which we were able to recommend some improvements on datahub integrations that would bring back stability prioritizing long-term competing needs. A SAP Commerce migration, Integration’s optimization, and a new functionalities project was implemented, and they could not be happier, now their online presence empowers customers and generates optimization through digitalization.


Migrating an old Commerce implementation to the newest version and from the cloud v1 to v2, without knowing how it was implemented may be challenging but given our previous migration experience we felt confident and comfortable with it and were able to do it in schedule and with the expected quality for a top enterprise in the LATAM market.

The collaboration, communication and coordination with several SAP teams and the client’s internal teams during the migration phase were also challenges that the team was able to successfully overcome.

After that, they needed an optimization of the experience, and we also targeted those issues empowering commerce b2b functionalities and leveraging from the new SAP Commerce version.

Our Solution

A technical assessment overviewed by Guillermo Polito (Director) and Alejandra de Leon (SAP Commerce Solution Architect) was done to provide an ambitious schedule. This was organized almost weekly and had dependencies on the customers side to reach the expected delivery date. We developed a detailed, hour by hour, Cut Over plan with every task and responsible for each team (SAP, Sigma and Pyxis) and reviewed and adjust it together.

A Rollback plan was also implemented for the Upgrade as part of the process to be prepare for any possible scenario.  We want to thank our customers for their readiness in every step of the way and the team that demonstrated their proven experience once again, delivering quality in the schedule.

The results

SAP Commerce migration from version 6.6 to version 2005 and datahub migration in 14 weeks and from CCv1 to CCv2 in 12 weeks, future results of current implementations will be shared in the future.


SAP Commerce 6.6 to 2005, migration to SAP Cloud v2, datahub where the key technologies applied to the project.

Key Takeaways

The initial assessment, proactive attitude of the team and responsibility on the client’s side to deliver when required, were the key takeaways that drove the project to a successful and future proof roadmap.

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