Pyxis CX project at #Hack2Build

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Pyxis CX closes the year reaching the second place in SAP's #Hack2Build hackathon. Ricardo Sanguinetti tells us what the team did during this experience.
Pyxis CX project at #Hack2Build

The challenge of this hackathon was to extend the e-commerce of a system called Kyma, developed on BTP, in order to leave the platform ”as clean as possible”. This could be applicable in the real world to microservices or any e-commerce platform that seeks to solve problems in the user experience without altering the operation of the service.

We presented a case that enriched product data using machine learning functions and that, from the description of a product, could obtain keywords and improve SEO positioning.

Through a Lambda that followed the ecommerce event of the product in question, once the product description was defined, the machine learning system (AWS comprehend) returned a series of words that we could integrate into the product description and use as keywords. We also used an image recognition service,” says Ricardo, ”which took the image of the product, passed it through Kyma, Kyma sent it to AWS Rekognition and returned the text of that image so we could use it as an ALT text attribute,” a configuration that allows text-reading software (used by blind or low-vision people) to interpret images.

Impact in three dimensions

The two dimensions of the Pyxis CX team’s work, gives the project two directions of impact: one more linked to marketing, by defining information that allows a better web positioning at the time of digital searches, and one more linked to the social factor, by addressing the ALT text attributes and facilitating accessibility to these resources, positively impacting the lives of people with low vision who use text reading software.

Another dimension that the team addressed, also linked to the marketing area, was the design of a recommendation model. This form of cross-selling uses the information collected by the system to provide a list of related products when a code linked to the product is entered, in order to enable increased sales.

Going forward

Looking ahead and having achieved second place in this competition, the Pyxis CX team and the other teams that reached the podium (Accenture and Tech mahindra) will embark on a development road map with the support of SAP CO-Innovation Lab. The objective of this process is to be able to generate a product from the project and try to launch it on the market.

Learn more about the Pyxis CX team’s experience at #Hack2Build by listening to the latest episode of Ur, our digital business podcast. Listen to it here.

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