Join Pyxis at SAP Sapphire Orlando, 2022

We all missed in-person events. So finally, after several years of digital interaction SAP Sapphire is returning to Orlando and so is our team.
Join Pyxis at SAP Sapphire Orlando, 2022

Years of deep expertise showcase in Pyxis’s status as a Silver partner as well as a 5 Top Latam preferred partner.

We started our journey with SAP over 10 years ago, primarily in the commerce space and then gradually added additional expertise areas to our portfolio.
To date , Pyxis delivered over 70 B2B and B2C implementations for companies worldwide.

From May 10 th to to May 12 th we will be live again, after two years without these type of events due to the Covid Pandemic, from Orlando, USA.

SAP Sapphire 2022 is back with an in-person and virtual program.
Rise with SAP will be a hot topic, but SAP also needs to focus on SAP Business Network and Business Technology Platform.

Learn more about the event, our innovative solutions with SAP and how we can help you achieve your strategic priorities.

Our CX Strategist Guillermo Segalerba shares his selection for each day and his Top 6 talks featured events.

1. Unleash Sustainable Growth with Continuous Commerce Innovation

Find out what you need to achieve consistently profitable commerce growth. Embrace agility, frictionless experiences, and the ability to scale without limits. Learn how the SAP Commerce Cloud solution can help you achieve these goals and get an understanding of the solution strategy and road map.

2. Meet the Modern-Day Customer Experience and Get More Done, Faster

The customer experience is where the rubber hits the road for harder metrics such as growth, retention, and conversion that drive core business KPIs. To nail that, you need the ability to connect your entire supply and demand chain with software that can deliver exceptional experiences with insight-led, truly useful data and flexibility.

3. Unlock the Secret to Revenue Growth with a Customer Data Platform

Find out the key to up to 48% of year-over-year growth in annual revenue. According to analysts, the magic is in keeping up with and addressing customer needs.
It’s vital to understand customers well enough to achieve this critical mission. Learn how to address these needs with a focus on identity and consent data using SAP Customer Data Platform.

4. Turn Insights into Serious ROI with Customer Data Solutions

Customer data solutions from SAP unify millions of profiles into a single source of truth and help drive up to 10 times e-commerce revenue growth. Discover plans for surfacing enterprise-wide insights by connecting to the SAP ERP application, enhancing secure authentication options, and navigating the evolving data privacy landscape.

5. Build Customer Loyalty with Omnichannel, Personalized Engagement

The marketing of solutions is often full of buzzwords. Find out what omnichannel, personalized engagement is and why it is important for your business. Learn how you can grow customer lifetime value and loyalty by meeting customers on the channels they prefer with the information they want.

6. Generate More Marketing Revenue with Effective IT Leadership

Each customer’s preferences and privacy are paramount, and their expectations are higher than ever before. Learn how IT’s support of a consolidated data model combined with integrated marketing activation can increase customer conversion and lifetime value.

Our very own Guillermo has compiled a list, spotlighting some of the best SAP CX integrators and partners based on their overall reputation, service offerings, credentials, and experience. For that gem, go speak directly to him.

Sustainability and the supplyy chain are two topics that have gone beyond boardrooms to affect consumers’ everyday lives, and they will be at the forefront of SAP’s nine-city Sapphire Now 2022 conference.

Environmental sustainability remains a major focus for SAP, as the company spotlights its sustainability tools and builds partnerships with consulting firms that help businesses with their own initiatives. Meanwhile, SAP continues to push Industry Cloud, partnering with system integrators to provide software and services that meet the needs of industries like construction, automotive and retail. SAP also continues in its attempt to attract users to its other cloud products.

CX growth remains a perennial hot topic, and the company has recently placed its customer experience solutions at the center of the business. These offerings will likely be among the hot topics at Sapphire Now 2022.

SAP Sapphire 2022 has a completely reimagined event experience. The fresh, innovative event format creates an environment engineered to promote open connections, focused interactions, and more productive networking among peers and experts. Great time for networking.

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